WARNING Global Games Tech Ltd & Mad Entertainment : bogus licensing claims, rogue casinos.


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Jan 20, 2004
WARNING: Players should be aware that any site operated by GLOBAL GAMES TECH LTD or MAD ENTERTAINMENT is almost certainly a rogue site. They claim to hold Curaçao Master Licenses that don't exist. (more details below) Curaçao officials have confirmed that these licensing claims are "false and misleading". These casinos have been involved in way too many complaints to be trusted, the player almost always suffers. AVOID THESE CASINOS.

Here's an example of one such bogus licensing claim, this one taken from BigWins1.com:


"Master License 34389464EU" is totally fake. FTR there are only four legitimate Curaçao Master Licenses in common use: 365/JAZ, 1668/JAZ, 5536/JAZ, and 8048/JAZ. There are a couple others -- all of the xxxx/JAZ format -- but those are either not in use or do not issue sub-licenses so you'll never see them cited.

Similar "Our License" blocks are found in the footer of many of these sites sometimes with different bogus license numbers, usually with garbled or incomplete sentences:
  • "operates under Master License 6786733255 ATVD - lTV granted by the ."
  • "operates under Master License 854151 granted by the CEG. ... holds a master License 854151 ."
  • "operates under Master License 6786733299NVOC granted by the . holds a master License 6786733299NVOC ."

Other points to note are that most of the casinos in question -- though not all -- give their address as "Hollandia 24" or "Hollandia 24 perst H12". This is usually seen in the "Our License" block in the footer. You may also see this in the footer: "The domain is explored by MAD ENTERTAINMENT S.TitanBet."

And last but not least you'll usually find one of these or a variation in the Terms & Conditions:
  • "6.3.2 exclude you from any other Casino that is affiliated with the GLOBAL GAMES TECH LTD of casinos;"
  • "6.3.2 exclude you from any other Casino that is affiliated with the Bigwins GAMES TECH LTD of casinos;"
  • "6.3.2 exclude you from any other Casino that is affiliated with the LoveCasino LTD of casinos;"
The following are prior Warnings that we have posted against some of these casinos:

These are the casinos to be concerned about, either confirmed to be Global Games Tech LTD / Mad Entertainment sites or displaying enough of the same tell-tale signs that it's almost certain they are part of same rogue operation:
Our efforts here are a work-in-progress so expect updates as new information comes to light.

Max Drayman
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You can add Luckycharms.co to the above another casino that has been bombarding me with text messages every day as 803 of the above for the past year
Have you had any luck getting of their list? I have tried to go to live chat, but it hasn't helped. I also tried sending e-mail to Bigwins1 customer support, but their listed e-mail doesn't work. I tried WHOIS. Seems like they've registered through a service which enables them to be hidden. They offer a chance to send them a message which I have done, but they aren't forced to answer. I have also submitted a ABUSE report, but GoDaddy only says that they'll look at it, and that they receive tens of thousands, and that they won't answer me whether they'll do anything about it. It is extremely annoying.
Unfortunately no. I am getting bombarded every day sometimes 10 times a day with text messages. Luckycharns co being the worst. But there are others. At first I was polite sending emails then just plain rude and never got a response (and I sent hundreds when they really annoyed me) not even the decency of f s response. I then set uoma fake Gmail account and sent a message in German saying I couldn't deposit and got a response within 5 minutes from Chad. I have then sent abusive emails everyday saying things about Chad and (just to.humour myself) and still nothing. I also think but could be wrong it could be to do with there affiliate as I'm always getting the same numbers in the weblink example: luckycharms.co/en?aid=35054&visitor_id=35054_376793

This was sent yesterday and I can honestly say about the 100thjust linking to this site

*Unlinked spam casino link - this is affiliate spam. From 35054's aff account*
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We should try figuring out who the affiliate is. Perhaps say that you are interested in being an affiliate yourself?
Also tried ripe whois?
I am getting smses with a link that starts with fw.pe
I've literally tried every. There's about the same 12 casino using the same fake license. It's just infuriating. I sat there once for an hour and just fired 100 emails of abuse and the next day I got 3 messages. What annoys me the most is how they got my number. I'm in UK a S only okay UK SITE and the affiliate who has been bombarding me you'd think would take the hint. If I didn't sign up on any of his links after the first text what makes him think I will when his sent the 2000th
Thanks, have you tried to reporting it to you telecommunications provider? Can they help at all? Would be a blessing to stop the SMSes. Every one that I get use the same domain, so it shouldn't be difficult to block that.
I block them. Most go to.spam. sum still get through. Most come through shortcode just showing the casino name or even worse they have spoofed someone else's number. I ha e mobile numbers leaving me messages I've rang back and it's just kept on ringys d then the next day the line is out of servy. It's just extremely annoying. And it's always the same group of casinos (if you can call them that) . Just something I know just have to put up with. If I didn't need my mobile number I would of just changed it.

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