WARNING 24Casino: many complaints of players not being paid


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Jan 20, 2004
This year we've received a number of complaints from players not being paid by 24casino.bet or 24casino1.bet or whatever dodgy URL they are using this week. The bottom line is that these players are reporting the same things:
  • frequent excuses for extra-long "processing" times. Players wait weeks but nothing comes of it.
  • repeatedly "delayed" payments. End result: see above.
  • casino blaming "the processor" for the unpaid withdrawals.
  • the casino doing nothing to resolve the problems.
  • the casino eventually not responding at all.
In our experience over several issues they have replied to none of the complaints, total silence.

When it comes to licensing these guys have (in the past at least) made it real simple to spot their rogueness. Their licensing statement in the footer of their front page used to read as follows:
24casino.bet is owned and operated by 24CASINO.BET of Kaya Richard J. Beaujon Z/N and its fully owned subsidiary, 24casino.bet Address 25 Voukourestiou, Limassol. 24casino.bet operates under Master License 158374 granted by the . 24CASINO.BET holds a master License 158374 .

Only problem is there is no "master License 158374" in Curacao. See here: Curaçao and Their Four Master License Holders . In other words they're unlicensed and unregulated. That "master License 158374" nonsense was just fictitious BS to confuse the innocent. It seems they've since removed that bogus claim but still haven't bothered to get a proper license.

WARNING: 24Casino.bet/24Casino1.bet is unlicensed and doing a lot of slo-pay/no-pay nonsense. The bottom line is that players are not getting paid and their complaints are being ignored. Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino and find somewhere else to play.

Later: thanks to @Nate for correcting me on the URLs and reminding me of the licensing BS.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Thankyou for a response to this issue!

Im currently dealing with this situation.

I've contacted my bank (Chase UK), had disputes and had no luck with them due to mastercard regulations. They advised to contact merchant (no response via their email and poor service via chat)

I'm waiting until they inevitably cancel my current withdrawal also to then continue with action fraud.

I have had an active withdrawal since 30th of October and I am currently on day 14 of their "7-21 working day" withdrawal time, although had several occasions of them telling me the live chat "department" has no info on my withdrawal process.

I will post updates as they come.
21/11 -
Receiving 404 errors nginx when trying to load certain pages on the site, was able to log in though.
Seems like theyre packing up that URL. My poking and prodding seems to be getting a result, unless this is just standard protocol for them..

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