WARNING Ares Casino (arescasino.com) is BAD news for players


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Jan 20, 2004
It has come to our attention that Ares Casino (arescasino.com) is still up to its nasty tricks. This includes making bogus licensing claims, very likely using pirated games, confiscating player balances without justification and completely ignoring player complaints. Some of you may remember that they've got a fair history of this:
Ares Casino - Watch out! Fake games!! - Casinomeister Forum

Their "license" statement is as follows:
Arescasino is owned and operated by Arescasino of De Steeg Willemstad 45 and its fully owned subsidiary, Arescasino Ltd Address Hollandia 24 perst H12. Arescasino operates under Master License 6786733255 ATVD - lTV granted by the . Arescasino holds a master License 6786733255 ATVD - lTV . Payment are processed by Arescasino Ltd. For any questions or concerns, you may have, please do not hesitate to contact our Support 24/7

That's just jibberish to fool the unschooled: there is no such license and they don't even bother to say who that "license" is granted by.

To bring the story up to date we have a recent PAB that reveals they haven't changed their ways much:
I have been waiting a month to be paid out ... my deposits have been sent to travel companies in Kenya, they may not have a license, their games may be pirated and their telephone number is for a dating agency. I have also seen multiple complaints online about the non payout of winnings at other casinos which appear to be run by them - Cherry fiesta and 4 crowns.

And, of course, sister casino 4Crowns received its own Casinomeister Warning a while back:
4Crowns: bogus license, non-payment, ignored complaints - Casinomeister Forum
FTR, ThePogg has blacklisted 4Crowns Casino:
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WARNING: players are STRONGLY advised to avoid Ares Casino with extreme prejudice. For years players have reported being ripped off, mistreated and cheated by this casino and that apparently hasn't changed a bit. Go elsewhere!

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