CherryFiesta scam


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Nov 29, 2018
Somewhere only I know
Good afternoon

A casino currently doing the rounds text spamming is CherryFiesta. I read the Ts&Cs which didn't ban UK sign up in addition the advisors will advise you its acceptable to sign up as a UK member even though you shouldn't.
I deposited 3 x on the site worth £180 before I clocked that they shouldn't accept my custom as they are not UKGC compliant. I messaged live chat and spoke to Anthony who proceeded to be quite rude and blunt and closed my account and advised I would be refunded. I followed up on 7 occasions, recieved one refund of £50 on one of my cards and the other 2 refunds are still yet to materialise (which is highly unlikely they ever will).

They use NetEnts which are discontinued which should have been a red flag. The live chat advisor claims he refunded me but then when questioned later advises he is not finance and its not his remit. The merchant name is ILANDSDIARY which is clearly highly legit.

Be careful if you use this site. I have done and I am now in a chargeback process with various emails claiming a refund will be provided but never materialise. The setup is a godaddy website and the site looks well made but its clearly a front for a money sucking operation.

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They make things hard for us because they can
Feb 6, 2020
Newcastle upon tyne
Surely you know to check for a UK license after last time this happened though?
Why keep using or looking for them kind of casinos first time yes easy done mistake naive! Second time? Come on!! Just give your money to me I will play at an accredited casino for you if I win you if you lose oh well :) at least you wasn’t scammed ;)