WARNING Beware of Goldenlion.bet, a no-pay fake license casino


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Jan 20, 2004
Players on our forums have recently been reporting that Goldenlion.bet is ripping them off:
Goldenlion.bet not paying out withdrawal - Casinomeister Forum
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The site makes the following claim regarding its license:
Our License
goldenlion is owned and operated by Goldenlion LTD of and its fully owned subsidiary, Goldenlion LTD Address Hollandia 87 perst H18. goldenlion operates under Master License 854151 granted by the CEG. Goldenlion LTD holds a master License 854151 .

There are four Master Licenses in Curacao: 365, 1668, 5536 and 8048. "Master License 854151" isn't one of them. In other words Goldenlion.bet is claiming to hold a Curacao Master License that doesn't exist. Given what players are reporting about non-payment, etc it's a safe bet that their license claims are not the only tall tales the people at Goldenlion.bet are telling.

Players who've looked into this report that the business address Goldenlion.bet claims is also false, and the phone number they give is disconnected. These are classic rogue/pirate operation tells.

WARNING: Avoid Goldenlion.bet. False claims about their licensing and players going unpaid are reasons enough to look elsewhere for your gaming services.
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I am still amazed that what with it being 2023, not 1993 or even 2003, that a lot of players still appear to not do the necessary due diligence when choosing an online casino to play at.

Yes, not all "review" sites are worth the pixels that appear on your screen, but google is a serious good friend of the player, when it comes to choosing where to deposit at.

I guess it doesn't help that there are also an abundance of sham affiliate sites promoting operators like these though.
One of our long-time members made an excellent point regarding Goldenlion.bet:


Thank you KasinoKing. :thumbsup:

- Max
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