WARNING 4Crowns: bogus license, non-payment, ignored complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
Over the past few months we have received an abnormally high number of complaints regarding 4CrownsCasino.com. Almost all report problems with payment followed by various stalling tactics -- "no record of your withdrawal", "Security must review your case again", "wait another week", etc -- usually ending in the player's account being locked and their balance confiscated without explanation. Needless to say this in itself is enough to justify this Warning.

We've also recently learned that the casino is using unlicensed software and have seen verification of exactly that. "Using unlicensed software" is a euphemism for "pirated software" and that puts 4Crowns deep into Rogue casino territory.

Also, the casino claims they are licensed in Curacao:
4Crownscasino operates under Master License 34389464EU granted by the Curacao . 4Crownscasino holds a master License 34389464EU.
The trouble is there is no such license. Valid Curacao Master Licenses are only these: 365/JAZ, 1668/JAZ, 5536/JAZ, and 8048/JAZ. When asked about 4Crowns, Curacao eGaming confirmed that they have "no connection with that site" and have stated that the license claim regarding Master License 34389464EU is "false and misleading". Other casinos in this group -- including AresCasino.com -- claim to hold other Master licenses, apparently all equally fictitious.

And last but not least the casino is often promoted by dubious third-party and affiliate sites who target people with gambling addiction issues. See more on that problem here: WARNING - Affiliates Who Target Problem Gamblers

WARNING: 4Crowns Casino is confiscating player's money without justification, ignores player complaints, is using pirated software and claims to hold licenses with don't exist. Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino: you'd be better off throwing your cash out the window in the hopes that it would breed in the wild and return to you with its young.
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It seems the problems at 4Crowns continue as this excerpt from a recent complaint against them illustrates:
i am having a lot of stress with four crowns casino i know i will not get the 900.00 pounds withdraw i won its been 2 months of hassle emails and chat to be told a load of rubbish excuses ...

As ever, Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino.


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It's spicyjackpots .com you're talking about, i guess, they hold a UK license for horse driving clearly shown in the site footer - right next to the name MAD ENTRITANMENT.

This time they've fine-tuned its visual look and made an attractive bonus selection in British pounds which can easily catch new UK players not knowing the difference between real and scam.
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