Betsoft crooked?


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So whats players opinions on Betsoft, I honestly try to avoid ANY betsoft games as I have seen really LOW payouts on spins even at max bet. Then today I was reading some threads about major issues with Betsoft and many LEGIT casinos dropping them. Granted the issues were in 2016 but I think the issues are still ongoing.


Here is link to the articles in 2016
WARNING - Betsoft/ jackpot results "statistically improbable"/payments withheld
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Well crap. Not being able to edit posts sucks especially if need to fix something. BUT your post under wasn't my intention, was trying to understand the article they posted and get a better understanding of Betsoft. I'm not a member of any other sites except this one.


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Actually, I switched it out with our own warnings based on info we were alerted to back then.

Rule of thumb: if you find interesting info on other sites, feel free to summarize and post - but also check to see if we already have it here. :D


My opinion from some experience is that Betsoft might be more open to crooked operators than others, while trying not to make it seem like so. I know of a Rogue Casino, that had several providers, but Betsoft was their main provider to push, because they had a 'special deal' with Betsoft, so they were to be promoted ahead of other games, even Netent. And if they do have a special deal, I think Betsoft know what kind of Casinos it is so if they're willing to deal with rogue Casinos, there could be an argument for what you say.
I personally don't prefer their games so don't have much to do with Betsoft. Good luck!


Mega Glam Life jackpot slot from Betsoft seems to me to be very similar to Mega Fortune from Netent.
While I keep hearing every now and then (couple times a year) about jackpot winners in Mega Fortune, I don't recall any for Mega Glam life !