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Nov 11, 2020
Hey guys. I just wanted to alert users to the fact that Videoslots has serious issues surrounding failure to honour withdrawals. Basically, I started to notice that credits to my bank account were a lot less that the sum of actual withdrawals. My case is still ongoing, but Videoslots have admitted that they failed to honour payments totalling £4,600 in the past 3 months. I fully expect that amount to increase as I have not yet checked the period prior to that.

For background, see my latest email below to Videoslots (you can probably sense my frustration at the seemingly never-ending cycle of emails in relation to this).

"Thank you for your email below, confirming that the sum of £4,600 in respect of missing payments has been credited to my Videoslots account.

I am disappointed that, following a delay of 7 weeks, Videoslots has credited missing payments to my Videoslots account instead of my bank account. The money belongs to me and it is my right to have it paid into my bank account. By crediting it back to my Videoslots account, you effectively continue to illegally hold funds which are rightfully mine.

Immediately after receiving your email below, I logged in and re-requested a withdrawal of £4,000. Subsequent to that, I withdrew a further £22.50. To date, neither of those withdrawal has been credited to my bank account. There is obviously a major issue with your ability to pay out withdrawals in a timely manner (or at all in many cases).

In addition, I am disappointed that Videoslots did not offer an explanation as to what circumstances led to it overlooking multiple withdrawals during a 3 month period. How can I be assured that the same thing will not happen again in future when no explanation or reassurance has been provided? Were the payment failures due to human error? Was there some technical issue with your banking software? Was there fraudulent activity? Please explain, firstly, how Videoslots managed to ‘lose’ £4,600 of my money, and, secondly, how I can be assured that it will not happen again in future. The fact that I am still not in receipt of any of the money that Videoslots owes to me is hardly reassuring (crediting it to my Videoslots account is different from paying it to me).

Also, as previously requested (and apparently ignored by Videoslots), please explain why it was left entirely up to me to tell you that you had failed to meet your legal responsibilities in relation to honouring withdrawals. I personally had to spend time going through my withdrawal history for the past 3 months and cross-checking against credits made to my bank account to provide Videoslots with the attached list of highlighted payments which had not been received (a total of 48 payments were not honoured in that short time). This should not have been left to me – the investigations should have been initiated by Videoslots.

I did not spend further time going through my withdrawal history for the period preceding the past 3 months because, quite frankly, it is not my responsibility to do that. It is, however, most certainly your responsibility.

Please undertake the actions below as a matter of priority.

  1. Investigate the status of the 2 withdrawals I made on 22 January 2022, which have not yet been credited to my bank account (see first attachment).
  2. Provide a reasonable explanation as to how Videoslots managed to overlook the fact that no less than 48 withdrawals from my Videoslots account were not credited to my bank account in line with your legal obligations (see second attachment). Please also provide an explanation as to how Videoslots was apparently unaware of any missing payments before I conducted my own investigations and alerted you to that fact.
  3. Conduct an urgent check on all of the withdrawals I have made since opening my Videoslots account and provide confirmation that all withdrawals were actually credited to my bank account (see third attachment, detailing all transactions since opening my account).
  4. Bring this matter to the attention of a senior manager within your support team as I have lost confidence in your ability to resolve all of the issues above in a full, fair, and timely manner.
  5. Advise on how Videoslots intends to compensate me for effectively having stolen the sum of £4,600 from me (and possibly much more than that).
I look forward to all of the points above being addressed as a matter of urgency, bearing in mind that I first alerted you to missing payments on 7 December 2021.

For the avoidance of doubt, if it transpires that Videoslots owes me further funds for withdrawals which it failed to honour during the period between opening my account up to October 2021, I insist that any outstanding funds are credited to my bank account. There is no point in crediting missing funds to my Videoslots account – the money is owed to me, not my Videoslots account.

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@Team.Videoslots Are you able to offer any assistance with the above.

I have no idea how on earth Videoslots managed to be accredited - customer service is appalling.

Videoslots has effectively stolen money from me. After seven weeks, they pretended to repay what they owe me but, in fact, all they did was credit £4,600 back to my Videoslots account (this means that they effectively paid the money that they stole from me back to themselves). It is not in my bank account, therefore they have not repaid it to me.
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Dear @SueGill - thank you for your thorough message.

I am deeply sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our services.

We will of course help you investigate all the mentioned issues with priority, but would you kindly email us with this on: with your details so that we can locate your account and resolve this through there?

Thank you very much in advance

Kind regards,
Team Videoslots
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