WARNING Betsoft/Betcoin.ag: jackpot results "statistically improbable"/payments withheld


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Jan 20, 2004
A recent thread on our forums -- Please consider Rogue-ing Betsoft software and Warning about Betcoin.ag -- and the related PAB have brought to light a serious problem with Betsoft progressive jackpots and non-payment of winnings.

CasinoListings.com recently published a detailed report on these issues:
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. Here are a few highlights from that report:

... we set out to monitor and record the values of multiple Betsoft jackpots using our jackpot tracking software. We chose Bovada and Slots.lv to be our test subjects as they have a large customer base and a full collection of Betsoft games. After almost nine months of recording jackpot values we can say with certainty that there is something seriously wrong with these games. ... It does indeed look as if some of these jackpots are "locked" or unable to be won. The odds of this just being random luck are astronomical. ...
... the win frequency of some of the jackpots that are normally won as often as several times a day changed during the period between February and March this year. They were not won at all for a period of around three weeks. Then, at almost the same time, all such jackpots were won and returned to their previous win frequency. If one jackpot did this individually you could chalk it up to luck or variance, but with multiple separate jackpots showing the same thing at the same time it is clear that random luck was not a factor.
Other sources suggest that the conclusions at CasinoListings are only one possible explanation for the variances observed. It is equally possible that the software is configurable at the casino, that they can adjust the jackpots loose or tight as they wish. Some of CasinoListings' own findings would appear to support that theory too.

Finally there was the issue of the PAB we received. To make a long story short the player was playing The Glam Life at Betcoin.ag, managed to get a 5 yacht payline and, according to the pay table, should have won the then current jackpot of roughly a million credits (about US$350,000 at that time). Instead the casino gave him 1000 credits. As CasinoListings reports:
There can only be one of two explanations: the game has either underpaid the player to the tune of a million credits, or the game does not function according to its paytable. Either explanation makes Betsoft look unprofessional, if not crooked. We here at Casino Listings unanimously believe that *player* should be paid the jackpot.
The casino's response to the player was not at all clear. First they said the spin was ineligible for the jackpot because it was a bonus spin. Unfortunately nowhere does it state that a bonus spin was ineligible to win the jackpot (that has since been changed). The second response to the player was that "a jackpot only occurs if the max bet is made at the highest denomination." Here again the casino's explanation is unsatisfactory because the game scales the jackpot winnings to the bet size:


The casino's response to us has only been that the player's "issue is with the way Betsoft handles bonus / free rounds and not with Betcoin.ag Casino" which sounds a lot like they're trying to pass the buck.

And so:

WARNING: Based on recent evidence players are advised to proceed with caution when playing Betsoft games offering jackpots. It would be wise to play at reputable Betsoft casinos only since it appears the individual casinos may have control over the frequency of jackpots.

WARNING: avoid Betcoin.ag since they are using phantom and/or imaginary Terms to withhold jackpot payouts.
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