WARNING B-Bets is full of excuses for not paying players


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Jan 20, 2004
A player brought a case to us a few months ago where they'd been trying to get paid by B-Bets.com since early this year. The player was owed several thousand Euros which the casino did not dispute but no payments were made. The player took the case to the casino's appointed ADR but got no reply. Eventually they'd had enough and came to us. We contacted the casino with the player's details and promptly received this reply:
"Following a comprehensive review, we can confirm that the mentioned payouts have been processed and approved from our side. Regrettably, a delay in processing payouts was encountered due to a general technical issue that occurred during the payment process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result of this delay and would like to assure you that we have taken appropriate measures to prevent similar issues from arising in the future. ... I can provide you with assurance that the player will receive timely updates once there is progress on their request."

Weeks passed, neither we nor the player heard anything. I prodded the casino three times and got no response. I told them that not responding would inevitably force us to escalate the matter and suddenly they replied with a different excuse for delays:
"Upon review, I can see that our team is actively addressing the player's payout. Some of the installments are still pending verification by our team due to the delay we have experienced in the system. Nevertheless, we are committed to ensuring that one of our agents reaches out to the player to provide an update on their payout."

More waiting and neither we nor the player heard anything. I prodded them again and got this:
"The player's winnings are of utmost importance to us, and we are actively working on completing the verification checks as quickly as possible. ... Please rest assured that we take player complaints seriously, and we are committed to resolving this matter promptly. ... Unfortunately, the team is still in the process of working on it, and we do not have a final conclusion at this time."

The player said they were willing to wait a bit longer and so we waited: nothing happened. More prodding and we got this:
"Our organization has been diligently investigating certain activities across betting history of the player that have raised suspicions of fraudulent behavior on player part since we do not take any steps likely when it comes to players account and payouts. Our relevant department has been meticulously reviewing the evidence and data to arrive at a final conclusion."

We asked for some details on the supposed "verification checks" and got no reply. More with the prodding and we got this:
"The delay in the player's payout is primarily due to our ongoing correspondence with our sportsbook provider concerning the player. This is due to an irregular betting pattern we have discovered by the player in question. ... While we initially anticipated a quicker payout, these discussions are an essential part of our verification process, and we are actively working on speeding the process up for the player. We will make sure to provide the player with updates as soon as possible."

The player approved a bit more waiting but nothing came of it. At this point more than three months had passed since we first contacted the casino, and the player had been waiting for four months before that! I reminded them of all this and go this reply:
"Please be informed that we have recently implemented an enhanced account review process and made technical improvements to our payment system. Unfortunately, these changes have resulted in extended waiting periods for our players."

I said I'd ask one last time for a specific date when payment could be expected and received this response:
"Please note that this case is already being taken care of by our relevant department, however, I have now personally escalated this to our management. Therefore, we are hoping that the player will receive his resolution by the end of the week."

At this point the player had been waiting eight months since their original withdrawal request and still the casino was saying "later", "soon", "procedures procedures", etc etc with no end in sight. Which brings us to this:

WARNING: B-Bets.com is stalling player payments indefinitely without offering verifiable justification for doing so. The end result is that they are simply not paying players. Everyone is advised to avoid B-Bets until there is good evidence that players are being properly paid what is owed.

Update: text with strikeout are corrections made after the original post.
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For the record the last thing the casino people said was "we are hoping that the player will receive his resolution by the end of the week." No such "resolution" happened so the Warning was posted accordingly.

- Max

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