Be Aware Big5Casino : unexplained payment delays


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Jan 20, 2004
BE AWARE: Big5Casino is stalling legitimate player payments without explanation. Players should expect indefinite delays without reason, information or updates being given.

We've seen more than one report lately of inordinately long and unexplained payment delays at In some cases payments begin and then simply stop, in others there have been no payments at all. The casino isn't helping any because all they'll say is nonsense like:

"our team adheres to a comprehensive review and verification process upon reviewing withdrawal requests, following our internal procedures."​
"payment is presently in a pending status ... we have no further information at this time."​
"... the player will be given timely updates ..."​
Of course no such updates are given. Some players have been waiting as long as 3 months now and the casino has nothing more to offer by way of explanation.

Big5Casino is licensed in Malta and Ireland (also UKGC); this casino group, Condor Malta Limited, includes these casinos:
  • 24Bettle
  • B-bets
  • Big5Casino
  • Casino Sieger
  • Gambeta10
  • LuckyBull
  • Pedalanda10
  • Rembrandt Casino
  • Tournaverse
For the record Big5Casino isn't the first casino in this group to have these same issues; B-bets, Rembrandt and Tournaverse have all been involved in roughly similar cases though Big5Casino is the most recent example.
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Condor group is awful. I remember requesting a brand-wide exclusion from them years ago. Conveniently ignored of course, with withdrawals nigh impossible.

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