GENERAL WARNING Scatterhall isn't paying players, offers only excuses and delays


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Jan 20, 2004
Please be aware that we have seen two official complaints against in as many weeks and they're both of the same nature: long established and verified players are not able to withdraw their winnings. Support is variously telling players "we don't do withdrawals, please send an email" or "so sorry, temporary delays, try again in a few days" and suchlike. The bottom line is that withdrawals are not being honoured and players are being given no information as to if or when that might change. When the players come to us and file a PAB the casino simply ignores it, no response from them whatsoever. Players are advised to avoid Scatterhall until further notice.
Man, what's the deal with all these thieving brands?
I recently discovered a review website giving honest reviews, slaughtering some brands, to be honest, called <snip>
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They're at it again. Now under a new name - operated by Play and Fun World N.V. - but everything else remains identical, including their trademark ridiculous daily 250%+ deposit bonuses.

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