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Jan 13, 2005
Vancouver Island
I probably should have researched more than I did but here goes.

I deposited $100 and played it through in order to receive the 100% match bonus within 24 hours or the next business day.

Waited over two days and still hadn't received it so went to live chat. Talked to Vincent (would be credited in 6 hours; never was), then Kelli (never responded on the Live Chat), and later to Mario, who said it would be deposited within 15 to 30 minutes (never was). This was over a two day period.

Finally sent an email and it was forwarded to promotions. Received the tracking number but no response from anyone.

I decided to withdraw my deposit (now $80); can't be bothered to pursue this any more as this lack of communication makes me think twice about playing there even if it was sorted out.

Couldn't find a casino rep for this group so just sending a warning out to others that it may not be a good place to play. Think it is in the same group as Lake Palace and Jupiter (Grand Prive?) and upon checking further, they have had a several complaints here on the forums.

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They're also on the rogue list Dewberry. This "used" to be my group of choice, I played there faithfully for three years, and they were excellent. I'm not sure what happened, but about a year ago, they took a major downward turn in all aspects of their business. I stopped playing there as did many others. My reasons have nothing to do with their roguing here at CM, different ones altogether. But yes, you can definitely find better groups to play at than these guys.

Just out of curiousity, what currency did you open your account in?
Hi Pina. I opened my account in CAD.

I've had accounts at Lake Palace and Jupiter but never had problems until the Neteller fiasco where many of us couldn't deposit.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize the group had been rogued here :oops: . Oh well, the max I'm out is $80 (that's if I never see the cashout of my deposit).

Thanks for reading the post and letting me know this.

Edit: I did receive $80 in Neteller today.
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I've made a deposit at a couple of Grand Prive casinos in the past week. The bonuses were not credited automatically within 24 hours, but they were credited within a few minutes after I contacted live support.

Cashouts were very quick with no hassle ... they didn't even ask for ID.

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