Are these casinos cheating you?


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Jun 6, 2022
Good day,
These casinos have been lying to their players.
Big Dollar, Lucky Creek, Jumba Bet, Bella Vegas, Black Lotus casino, Casino Grand Bay, Grand Eagle, Jackpot wheel, cryptothrills,Jupiter Club, Lake Palace, lotus Asia casino, Mandarin Palace and Treasure mile

We come to you with terrible news, these casino’s that you have been playing with have not always been honest with you. firstly with their location and secondly with the way they have rigged some areas of their casino to make you spend more money while knowing you will not win. For instance, their leaderboard is fake, 30% of the leaderboard names are bots that will always out-place you unless you are a big spender. Sadly they also do not value your privacy as much as well. As our team was able to get into their system and retrieve all your personal information, from your physical address, names, phone numbers and all the way to which bank you are with and Even some of your private documents that you’ve sent for “KYC” purposes, some of those documents show your credit cards.
You deserve to know the truth before you spend another cent here.

‘We will not be using your information in any way.´

We will be releasing more damaging information starting Monday every 12 hours until these casinos respond to us.

I encourage you all that have read this email, to go on their live chat and ask
“is it True what Amy Deadpool is saying” and wait for their response.

Stay tuned & thank you for your time.

feel free to contact us for more info if you would like.


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Number one: who is "we"?

Number two: you've already violated our forum rules by cross posting - and it seems that you have a vendetta.

Number three: this is not a forum where you think you're going to try and blackmail somebody.

Number four: do not refer our members to go elsewhere to join your crusade.

Number five: what is your evidence? - please post that here.

Number six: welcome to Casinomeister's forum :cheers:
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So looks like another hit and run posting. The OP sent me a PM more or less telling us to take it or leave it. She said she "heard" this from an ex-employee so she wanted to warn everyone. :rolleyes:. So if that is the case, the ex-employee can come here and either present what he has, or just ask folks to take a look into the matter using a bit of decorum - not having a countdown for "new" evidence.
Forum rule 1.6 - No "Libelous" Posts. Do not make posts that could be considered libelous, defamatory, or posting merely to cause harm to another's business. Opinions are expected, but do not attack others with accusations of criminal activity unless this has been proven in a court of law.
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If you are making claims of dodgy activity, then either put up or shut up. This is not a forum where we allow folks to make willy nilly accusations without any evidence. And we don't allow folks to blackmail casinos by making posts then trying to strong arm them against their will. It's simple, you make a claim; you back it up. One of the main purposes of this forum is to solve problems - and bearing this in mind, whistle blowing is not for amateurs. It takes convincing evidence, and I am not convinced.

So in essence, this is pretty much a pile of cow poo.
All casinos where you cannot take them to small claims court if they illegitimately refuse payment are rigged...this is the sad reality of offshore online gambling(unless they have a huge amount of goodwill)

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