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Jun 30, 1998
Lucky Dino - which was an Accredited casino for the past five years has just been tossed into the Rogue Pit.

Without a warning, a heads up, or a even a smoke signal - the Affmore marketing arm shut down all of their advertisers accounts with immediate effect. This "announcement" was sent via email with 500 email addresses of all the companies' and personal emails of their affiliates. Oopsie.

Their management team is bereft of any common management skills and professionalism. Warning is on the walls that they are struggling financially and I would recommend players to withdrawal all of their funds immediately and close their accounts.

This casino group is in arrears to the money they owe their marketing partners - I'd expect players to get the same treatment.

Lucky Dino Casino - rogue casino
Casino Jefe - rogue casino
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Casinomeister hosts the official Rogue Casino site - coining the phrase in the year 2000
Yeah, this has been going on for months and the morons sent a cc'd e-mail out to all their affiliates including me which contained the addresses of several members here (some of whom I contacted and warned about this). They haven't paid up for ages, luckily I stopped promoting them years ago when Lucky Dino dropped its UKGC license.

The entity has been transferred to some dodgy crooks in Malta and of affiliate payments, there will be none. The partners have been stripped of all legacy payments and excuses arranged so no old affiliate can be paid anything, ever, under any circumstances. The whole thing is a bust scam.

So yeah, I would run a mile from Lucky Dino.
Amateurs are everywhere nowadays it seems. They can't even use email correctly. Which is fun when you think about how many drivers licenses and other documents most casinos handle through regular email. :axeman2:

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