The OSHI casino stalling tactics


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Dec 15, 2020
Hi there. Usually, you will not see me posting something unless it is really pissed me off. But this casino definitely brakes balls when is coming to get you paid. I will say even if i was never think it is possible that is worse then N1 who let's be honest are the top on this matter as a lot of us know.
So the "journey started " around 1 month ago where i was find the review of them.... here. Deposited something took the bonus. And surprise managed to make a very good windrawl....Of course like we know, we need to pass the "verification" definitely only if you win...if you loose you know the drill. Who the f... cares about it. Of course it took around 2 days with "this is good, that is not, oh it was good , sorry try again , better picture"..btw each "," means how many times they rejected my windrawal, they finally made the 1st windrawal.
Then on the next one the typical "Sorry we have some problems with the payment system, please use the bank option instead”. Of course again verification, i mean how in the name of good are this payment processors fail so much when is come to windrawl , but they will work like a "charm" when you deposit? This mystery is kind of the same like the pyramids or the universe.
Do you think is bad already? Nope...Today was cream of the cream. Deposit something, and after kind of long session i got bored and trying to windrawl what i had in the balance...not much 200 euro.... So i was go to the windrawl page and already the first surprise...So after the "payment processor" thing i was always using the bank account option which usually had a minimum of 200 , now it was 500. Badabum pam pam. I said...i mean they had problems around 2 months ago with the card windrawls.... there must working now...right?
Nope, rejected the windrawl , head to the chat online and there they asked me to use the bank option:). I am saying: Dude maybe you are not up with the news but the limit is now 500.
Now the strange thing is that he is asking me to make a screenshot of my windrawl methods on "his" website. For some reason i find this bizarre...I mean do somehow we have "personalized" windraw methods? Or maybe somehow after i made like 4-5 windrawls of 200 somehow they think i am in love of this sum and they wanted me to change the "partner"?:). I mean how come he didn’t know that the windrawl limit on bank account method is 500?
Anyway after this the "nuclear lunch detection" arrived. So in order to windraw the money i need to :
1. Deposit via MIFINITY ( WHO THE F..... IS MIFINITY?)

Isin't that wonderfull? So they cant pay you with the method you have deposit,even if the mother of all types of payments, they modify the limit using the bank account option , and now they stall you again by sending you on a website who surprise it is a MALTA one , who have FEES for DEPOSIT AND WINDRAWLS and also takes like 2 days for processing your documents and also takes time when you windraw(with fees ofcourse) to your bank account.
At this point i am getting angry and asking him what will happen if i close my account ..i mean they need to send me the balance. In the support terms this rule does not kinda exist(sarcasm) so he told me w8 so he can ask his "Manager". After a while he said to me..neah Mifinity or we send you manually to your bank account but will take 10 days :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

How about this? I wonder who is operating this MIFINITY thing. rich schemes everywhere, f..k the customer.

So @Oshi Casino and who else is representing this marvellous casino , could you explain why your customers are forced to use and to deposit against their will on your casino? How are you able to deliver what you promise when all the normal methods of deposits they don't work when is come to windrawl?

Enlight me and i think also the members of this forum.

Btw I will continuously windraw my funds to my card every time you reject it as is my right to get the funds.Let’s see how many times you are cancelling it

Oshi Casino is an Accredited and Certified casino at Casinomeister - please read their review.
I can't say anything about your specific case but I think all Dama casinos are having issues with card- and bank transfer withdrawals currently.

I tried in vain to withdraw from Rocketplay last week, but only Mifinity kept showing on the withdrawal page. I contacted them about at least enabling bank transfer but it was only a few days later - after I lost all my balance - that they got back to me to say that yes of course they would let me withdraw by bank transfer.

Then it was King Billy where withdrawals have always been processed real smoothly. They said they had encountered some difficulties but that I should keep trying, and finally on the 4th attempt, my withdrawal succeeded :)

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Oshi Casino is an Accredited and Certified casino at Casinomeister - please read their review.

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