Casino Complaint Pyment delay by Bella Vegas

It looks like during this month of february its a wide spread problem with many online casino.
I'm also waiting on a couple of withdraws from different casinos who usually pay very fast.
Be patient! ( i know it is not easy ):)
I like this casino but I am now been waiting since 2/18 for two payments. I been sending notes and keep being told the next day I should recieved my payment. So far still waiting

Oh so this one still exists. Havent played there for at least 7-8 years. BTW, what was the usual waiting period for payment from this casino. I am asking because I noticed you are from the US and we should at least compare your cashout stemming from 2/18 which makes it 2 and a half weeks with the time frame you were paid earlier. Of course, we might also not know what the heck the US authorities are doing.

Nevertheless, if the CS people dont know they shouldnt be making empty promises and should actually investigate as to what's going on.
Embarrasing OOPS Got paid on Time

All I was looking at the wrong credit account Bella Vegas did pay me on Feb 27

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