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Jul 20, 2004
South Carolina is a sportsbook/casino that I've had moderate success with. Tonight, I was probably down $300 in the casino, when I made a $125 bet to try to recover some losses. I drew an 18 against a dealer 5. I stood of course, and that is when things went wrong. The dealer took a total of 7 cards, at least THREE of them being faces, and then proceeded to take my money. Allstar doesn't have a log, and the current hand disappears right after it is over, so I couldn't get a screenshot.

I called their customer support, and got someone who didn't speak English very well. He didn't seem to understand my problem, and advised me to email customer support with my issue.

Does anyone else have an experience like this? Has anyone had any problems with this casino? What should I expect from customer service? Finally, the most important question, is there a problem with the integrity of the software?

Thanks for any feedback/advice. I've never had an experience like this.

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