Paypal withdrawal method removed


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May 21, 2016
I play at a Casino Rewards site, and have only ever deposited and withdrawn with Paypal there. A few days ago I deposited with Paypal played and when I went to withdraw, the Paypal withdrawal option had gone. The Paypal deposit option is still there though.
I emailed and they at first said due to technical issues they had to temporarily disable PayPal as a withdrawal method and the payment team were working on reinstating it as a method for me, and recommended Neteller saying it was free. But when I researched I saw that Neteller charges fees.
I emailed again the next day to say Paypal withdrawal option had still had not shown up, they said it didn't exist as a withdrawal option anymore and they didn't know when it would be back.
Now they are saying - Please be advised Paypal is no longer an option available to withdraw from the casino.
Does anyone have any advice, is there a way to withdraw without fees.
I have and she did reply politely, backing up their position.
In the end, I set up a Neteller account and requested the withdrawal and they sent it via Paypal anyway with a standard notification that they make withdrawals to the most used method.
I just checked and I think the Paypal option is back!
Alls well ends well I spose!

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