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May 25, 2008
British Columbia, Canada
Hello all you fellow gamers... I am in need of a tad bit of info... I have tried to search out some reviews on the above casino but with no luck.. and that's unusual, nada, zip, zilch.. can't find a good word, but can't find a bad one either so.. I come to you... oh wise ones :notworthy

Direction please.. should I go or should I stay.. far far away???

Thanks in advance for any info, from any other players who might have had experience with this one.. good bad or indifferent.. talk to me.. please I have been sent a rather "interesting" bonus offer but you know the old saying.."once bitten twice shy"... and with one NASTY rogue experience under my belt.. I seek advice on this one for I am a :confused: one!

"post.. post"... after clicking "submit post" there were a couple of other questions regarding this online casino.. seems it's attached to Virtual Group.. ah... my one and only "rogue experience" but what a doozie!! Did you know there are still some casino advice sites who've said to me
"they're under new management, Virtual Danny is gone" give them a chance to prove themselves... ummm answere would be.. NOT
so, my appologies, I would have deleted this if I knew how, so the only thing I could do was to update it right away, wow, even had to give reason for editing.. I'm a newbie so still trying to find all the rules and regs.. hope I didn't blow one of them doing this... have pitty on a newbie, ok.. MUCH thanks!
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Jul 17, 2005
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Sep 18, 2004
Hello myfix.....sounds like you already know about Virtual so no need to steer you away from them. The "they are under new management" crapola is not a new con.......they do that with regularity. They have also opened up a lot of new casinos with the "kinder gentler" feel to the terms. They would at least be more real if they'd add "sucker" to the name!:eek2:

As to your question re Wild Vegas, handkey is correct, it's another Virtual shitefest.:eek: