Problem with VS/Mr Vegas responsible gaming


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Aug 25, 2021
Hi all,
the last few days I have locked my account on VS and Mr Vegas, but my account is back open again an hour or so later. I do this a lot, have a few weeks playing and then lock them for a few weeks so I know I’m doing it right. The first time I thought I’d missed something, tried again and the same happened. As a test, I locked it tonight at 830pm. It auto logged me out, when I tried logging in immediately after it said my account was locked, which was great. However I tried again at 10:30 and I’m back in again.
I think this would need addressing ASAP.

More info on this casino found here
Hi @StuLawre ,

Could you kindly DM us with your account details and which steps you took exactly when locking your account so we can investigate the issue?

Please note that if you Self-lock on MrVegas the lock will not apply to Videoslots and vice-versa, you would need to lock both account independently.

Kind Regards.
Team Videoslots.

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