6.1 Q: What happens when you have reached a conclusion on my PAB?

Under normal circumstances we’ll contact you as soon as we’ve reached a conclusion with the PAB.

In most cases the casino will pay you, or re-open your account, or whatever it is that you were asking for. Obviously that’s a good result and we’ll confirm with you that the case has been resolved.

If it’s a case of fraud we’ll inform you and close the case.

If it’s clear that you tried to cheat the casino or lied to us about your case then we’ll flag you as a “fraudster” (see below).

Sometimes it’s a case where the casino hasn’t cooperated, or even responded. In that case we usually flag the casino as being non-responsive to player issues by posting a Casinomeister Warning. We’ll also consider adding them to the No-Can-Do List.

If it turns out the casino is flat out crooked — lies, steals, abuses their Terms, entraps players, etc — then again we’ll issue a Casinomeister Warning and they’ll be added to “pending Rogue” list meaning Max recommends them to Bryan as a potential candidate for the Rogue Pit. Typically Bryan will review the case, do some investigating of his own and make a final decision.


6.2 Q: What if the PAB process fails, or I don’t like the outcome of it?

Then by all means, the forums are your next best step.

Please note that we will not allow the forums to be used deceitfully. In other words if you post about your issue on the boards be honest about it: if you distort the facts or misrepresent the case we may have to become involved to set the record straight.

Also please note that the Posting Rules apply at all times. Don’t let anger and frustration put you in violation of those rules: items 1.6, 1.11, 1.17 and 1.18 are of particular relevance here.


6.3 Q: I’ve heard of “fraudsters” being banned from Casinomeister because of the PABs they submitted. What’s that about?

If someone submits a PAB to us and it turns out they have lied about their case or have tried to commit fraud at the casino then we will flag them as a “fraudster”, discard their PAB and ban them from Casinomeister.

Wilful misrepresentation of a PAB is highly disrespectful of our process and a waste of our time: the bottom line is that we won’t allow it.

In such cases the complainant cannot expect that we will divulge the circumstances of the fraud in question nor the means by which that fraud was detected: educating fraudsters is not something we’re in the business of doing.