Poker do’s and donts


Always act in a timely manner. There is nothing worse then a player who slows the game down with constant lag. If your connection is bad or computer running slow reconnect or reboot.

Always sit at a table within your bankroll means. Sitting at a game that is a higher limit then you can handle is a sure way to bust.

Always figure out your odds of calling your draws. It does not make sense to draw to a hand heads up that has a 10% chance of winning.

Always wait for the blind to get to you. Posting your blind two hands before it gets to you is usually a way to lose money. Not only because you may lose your blind but these hands tend to be sucker hands creating second place hands and costing even more.

Always be patient. Do not call bets with nothing or on poor draws just because you have not won a hand in a while, in time this will always even out.

Always mix your play up. Do not become known as a player that only bets with the nuts. In time you will never get called, you have to make them wonder if you are bluffing or not.

Always make bets or raises that will increase your pot odds of your draws. If you are drawing to a flush that has a 36% chance of making and 4 other players are in the pot you must raise. Even if you miss your flush this hand in the long run this will be a money-making raise.

Always look for great bonuses and promotions. Virtually all poker rooms offer a first time deposit bonus, always check the terms. Some are easier to clear then others. Many rooms offer frequent reload bonuses as well. Also look for high hand bonuses, money added tournaments, bad beat jackpots, rake rebate promotions, and so much more.

Always look for the software which best suits you. Online software goes from top notch to trash. Play for play money to test the software to see if it is to your liking.


Do NOT coffeehouse another player while cards are out. This is calling out what you think a player may have. This is considered very rude.

Do NOT tell a player what you have at the table, if you are lying this is very rude and will upset players, if you are telling the truth this could be considered collusion.

Do NOT play more games at once then you can handle quickly. If you are trying to play 4 games at once and slowing them all down there are 36 players whose poker experience you are slowing down.

Do NOT berate another player who drew out on you. No matter how bad the suckout was. Remember you want him calling his 9-1 underdog heads up. In the long run these draws against you will not pay off anyone but you. Don’t you want them to play that bad against you? Teaching them in the long run will make them better players.

Do NOT rathole or be a banker. In other words if you buy in for the minimum and win a big pot and get up and sit back down with the minimum this is very rude. Many poker rooms will not allow this, especially in pot limit or no limit games.

Do NOT show your uncalled bluffs. If everyone folds and you were betting nothing just be happy you won, rubbing in the 9 high you bet is rude.

Do NOT show your losing hands. We all get bad beat and unless your hand qualifies for a bad beat jackpot there is no reason to show it. All you are doing is giving away information about your play to more observant players.

Do NOT rub in bad beats to other players. The last thing in the world you want is to have the whole table out to bust you. This will make them bet and raise more on you which typically makes it a harder game to beat. Besides, this is very rude.

Do NOT accuse the cards of being juiced or rigged in chat. The players will lose respect for you on top of making you look like a fool. If you honestly feel the cards are not fair simply play somewhere else although there is virtually no chance you are right.

Good manners or bad – John Mehaffey (aka Pokeraddict in Casinomeister’s Poker Forum) can give you further tips and guidance here.