Mojo Secrets Part-2

In last month’s issue, I delved a bit into some “mojo” secrets. For those of you who aren’t schooled in the lingo – mojo is something magical, the art of casting spells, or a charm or amulet used in such spells. Austin Powers can be credited for reminding most of us of the term. Mojo seemed to have sort of faded away. Austin brought the term back into the household in his second film. The character had his mojo stolen by Dr. Evil. Unfortunately, the film producers had many of us to believe that mojo has something to do with male libido – well, it doesn’t.

Perhaps this misleading notion began with the late great Jim Morrison – Mr. Mojo Risin’. He made an anagram out of his name and belted this out in harmonous repetition towards the end of “LA Woman.” Mr. Mojo Risin’ gonna keep on risin’. So maybe it was the “risin” that got people to think it had something to do with male randiness. Naughty boy, Mr. Morrison.

So in short, it has nothing to do (directly) with the sex stuff. Ladies can have mojo too. It’s all about magic, and the use of magic can befuddle or intimidate your poker opponents – believe me is a great spot to get schooled up on mojo and hoodoo magic. The site lists correspondence courses in hoodoo magic, free spells and amulets, books, radio broadcasts, old blues lyrics (which refer often to mojo and hoodoo meanderings), merchandise, and a lot of reference material. Along with the plethora of fascinating information are authentic mojobags for gamblers.

Now you may be thinking, oh pooh, mojo and hoodoo are just a bunch of hooey. Well, I would recommend taking a gander at this website – you might learn something – besides if you are a real gambler, and if you’re willing to try anything to better your game, this stuff just might work for you.

How about a mojobag? A mojobag is usually a small flannel bag (sometimes green to symbolize money) that consists of several ingredients – usually combined in odd numbers. Alligator teeth, badger teeth, salep root, bat hearts, and other not so common items can find their ways in these bags. You can peruse to get a good idea on what it takes to have an authentic bag made to order.

I think mojobags for gamblers can be used in two ways. The first method – players can use them the way they were intended. Mojobags are hidden on one’s person where it is out of sight and beyond the touch of a fellow gambler (the touch from another person can wreck the mojo). Hide it somewhere on your body when you sit yourself down at the poker table and hope for the best.

Method two: use it against your opponents by intimidating them psychologically. Whip out the bag, slap it on the table, and proclaim with your best poker face that you’ve brought your mojo with you. Losing is not an option. If any of your fellow gamblers want to check it out, gleefully advise them by doing so will screw up their game and they’ll probably lose their entire wad. Gamblers are a superstitious bunch. It would probably be recommended to use a decoy bag for this method, since if this stuff works, the real bag should remain to be hidden strapped to your body doing its mojo thing. You can purchase ready made mojobags or root bags at for $124.95.

Or you can visit the lovely Aisha at She’s a self professed spiritual worker who can customize talismans that she’ll send you in the mail. She seems very sincere about her work and has been doing this for over 30 years. Money spells for gambling cost $113 and she accepts Paypal.

So the question is – do you feel lucky? If not, you now have some places that might be able to jumpstart that mojo of yours.