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There are several reasons why you should join Casinomeister – The Online Casino Authority and Advocate of Fair play:

Number one: we are awesome because of you – the player. Casinomeister hosts the largest player community where each member and voice is a valuable asset to those who are involved in the online gaming industry. Have you got something to say? Say it in our forum and people will listen. Why? because we have been around for over 20 years and when there are serious things to say, it’s said at Casinomeister.

We offer free beer and all you can eat once a year at our annual “Meister Meeting” in London. All of our members are invited (you have to pay your way to get there though), but every now and then a casino will sponsor one of our esteemed members to join us – for free.

We have loads of exclusive promotions and bonuses only for our members. You won’t receive these anywhere else, so it pays to join the online casinos of your choice via our bitchin’ website. You will not be disappointed.

The casinos that we list in our Accredited Casino section have been vetted not only by me but by our awesome membership. We have the strictest standards online – some of which are more stringent than most licensing jurisdictions. Playing at our recommended casinos is a safe bet.

Meister Minions are the secret shoppers of online casinosOnce you have joined our forum and become a full fledged member, you can apply to become a Meister Minion. These are the guys and gals who volunteer their time to collect information that we include in our reviews. They are an integral part of our community and how we serve the player with bonafide payout times and other crucial information that players need to know.

And the following are several ways in which you can join Casinomeister.

Our Forum:

Joining our forum will give you a voice when you wish to be heard, and insight to see what others are thinking – or you can just lurk around. We have bucket loads of forum members – many of whom have been members for nearly two decades! We have over 200 casino representatives and nearly 500 webmasters. If you need to contact someone, this is the place to go. Become a member and you’ll be notified of crucial information that affects you as a player, as an affiliate, or as a casino operator. You can meet some pretty cool people there as well. Register now!!

Best yet – we meet once a year in London (January/February) to participate in jovial jocularities at an Irish pub in Leicester Square!! This is for forum members only!!

Meister Meeting 2012 - Waxy O'Conners - London
Meister Meeting 2012 – Waxy O’Conners – London

Our Newsletters:

  • Meister Mail: For Players (well, actually for everyone)
  • Meister Wire: For Affiliates and affy managers
  • Meister Blatt: For Industry folk – operators, affy managers, software developers, etc.
  • Meister Promos: For Players, in order to get some exclusive Promos from our Accredited Casinos

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