Which of the Accredited MG casinos have the fastet payouts?


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Jul 27, 2006
Which of the accredited MG casinos on this forum have the fastest Neteller regular payouts (24-48hrs or less) not instant payouts.

I have been strictly Chartwell and Playtech casinos but I'm about to open my first MG account and would need some help.


Instant NT aside, Trident Lounge & King Neptunes are among the quickest (24hr) but if you can live with slow support, Belle Rock casinos (Lucky Nugget, Jackpot City, River Belle, Gaming Club) also do 24hr cashouts and at weekends too. However BR don't manually flush and may be stricter on ID where Trident casinos do flush...not that it speeds up the payments in their case necessarily but it does stop the reverse. (NB: By "24hr", I mean next-day - timezones get in the way!). Allslots & co might also get a mention. Any first timer may find that ID is required obviously, but that aside...those would be my picks if I was USA. There are quite a few MG's that do next-day, in fact I'd say "most" as it happens although again, "next day" can mean a delay taking into account timezones. The ones to avoid on this front are Roxy/Splendido and The Casino Rewards group which at 48hrs are the slowest, although CR do offer a flush with that, and Roxy may be the slowest payers now but they do offer the best VIP bonuses. No MG (that I am aware of) takes longer than 2 days except where individual player circumstances arise (bonuses, WR, ID, checks etc).

On the whole, MG casinos are faster than (US facing) Playtechs so if you come from that background, you should be pleasantly surprised once you are past the ID checks :thumbsup:
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