Spin Casino, anyone tried the site?


Jan 16, 2024
I just made a new account at Spin casino, but feeling hesitant depositing on the site before I know how legit the casino is. I can’t find any reviews on this forum. Have anyone tried the site? It seems like they’re part of Betway casino group. I’ve read plenty of reviews at this forum about the horrendous customer service Betway provides. I also want to make sure I get to talk to a reliable customer service when needed
FWIW we've seen a slightly higher than normal rate of complaints against Spin Casino in the last 6-12 months. Problem is they respond to any and all complaints with this:

"Kindly note that third-parties are not allowed to log complaints on behalf of our customers."​

In other words if you run into trouble you'll have to duke it out with them yourself because they won't look at complaints submitted to them by 3rd parties like us. That's not a good thing because we are certified arbitrators and players have every right to have someone like us take their case to the casino on their behalf.

The casino's decision to NOT listen to player complaints from 3rd parties is simply a business decision, it's them saying "not interested in hearing it" because (presumably) having someone approach them on the player's behalf is inconvenient, or whatever.

Want some advice? Look elsewhere. Spin Casino is Betway and they're notorious for putting player needs last on their priority list:
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