fully verified holding withdrawal


Apr 10, 2021
Hi been with vs a long time never had issue but I've been fully approved for a while including wealth check and still am fully approved yet all of a sudden they lock of my withdrawal and ask for more wealth check even tho account is fully approved been waiting 4days but not getting any response from anyone and can't understand why the sudden change and need when I'm fully approved including wealth check they finally send me a msg bk saying they sent me email other day asking for wealth check which I already replied to the original with a statement which i shouldn't really need as like I said have already done a wealth check and been fully verified now there totally blanking my emails and customer support can't do anything I've not made any different size deposits nor any major withdrawal so why the sudden change oh I can still deposit tho


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Oct 8, 2012
See, Didn't I say we would be seeing regular threads like this? Glad I gave up slots. These SOW rubbish has saved me a fortune

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