Slow Pay Betnflix no action on pending withdrawal


Jun 27, 2023
Im new here but I had to find a place to open up. I played on betnflix and won nearly 6k and the I withdrawd two times 1k because of the stupid 1k limit bullshit rule. But it was fine, both times I got my money within 3 days. But then the third 1k I withdrawd was pending for 8 days until I canceled it and tried again if it would now be paid on time but Im not sure. I asked the live chat many times and emailed them asking about it and just got the same answer. "Patience", "heavy workload atm" etc. Havent asked any documents.. I send them before the first withdrawal everyting they wanted and my account is fully verified. I really need my money and Im lost with this. What can I do? Please I need help! Any help! I dont get as this is a mga licensed casino, shouldnt it be trustworthy?

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