NonStopCasino.Co - 7 days still waiting for my payment


Jul 8, 2023
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united kingdom
Hello members I’m new here.

So I deposited 3 payments to Nonstop seems like a reasonable legit site the payments come under “Aqua Logic” and sat pending in my app for 3 weeks. I thought need not to worry as the money got deposited into my account and I started gambling turns out I went from £350 and ended up with about £2.5k into my account, This is where it gets interesting as when I went to withdraw I can only do in max instalments of £500. Ok i thought as I can do separate transactions, Turns out over 7 days later I’m still waiting for my payment and getting pretty much automated responses from casino every 4 working days. I must add im fully verified.

Also I check my banking app today and the payments have moved from “pending” to actually vanishing out of my banking app completely. Is this a scam there trying to pull on me? Seems so? Anyone experienced this before & any idea what my next steps should be. P.s I’ve screen recorded my whole account balance etc transactions.
Im sure it has happend to me some time ago
Cant remember what casino it vanished from pending only to be paid out few hours later ?
Hi Lew,

Sorry to say, but it seems that the site you are referring to is as dodgy as can be.

I would be surprised if you receive any money. The reasons for this are:

1. The casino does not have any visible licence.
2. In their terms they refer to 'The Company' and never mention any business entity.
3. They have ludicrous sign-up offers that simply do not exist online (For Multiplatform casinos with slots like NetEnt) - a 400% Welcome bonus with unlimited 100% reloads sounds too good to be true.
4. Their home page advertises a 950% bonus.
5. They even have the incorrect URL in their footer.

It would seem you are from the UK given the currency you put forward. Why are you not playing at a UK Licenced Casino?

I guess we can guess.. with a name like that for a casino. Are you on Gamstop?
Thanks for the replies everyone. So yes I was on GAMSTOP because I actually beat the casino about 2 years ago and decided to ban myself from keep depositing. That’s why I naturally went onto a site not on gamstop. Slight update today i had a response saying it’s been sent over there end and should appear in my bank in the next couple of days. Don’t know if to Believe or not we will wait and see.

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