Veags Strip have paid !!!!!


Dormant account
Hi Bryan.

I conntacted you last week about my vegas stip accounts.
Just to say that they deposited all the money they owed me a few days ago.
I could not beleive I got paid!!!

It took a bit of figuring out as it was paid in amounts which did not fit the casinos and it said it was paid by doleplex holdings, but when I added it all up it came to the total amount that vegas strip owed me, so I guess doleplex holdings must be vegas strip.

I do not know how you did it again, but thanks again!!! :lolup: :cheers:


Dormant account
I do not understand why so many casinos make it very hard for people from Denmark.
It is not fair on the vast majority of people from Denmark who are probabily just normal gamblers.
Is there some sort of organised credit card fraud in Denmark on a big scale?