Trip to Vegas

I'll be there next Saturday 😎

I booked mine back in June (£1850 for 10 nights in Harrahs, direct from Heathrow, Premium Economy) and I most certainly would not be able to get it cheaper now. It's £600 more expensive on and that's with a stopover each way and a downgrade from Premium Economy on the way back. If I change to direct flights it adds another £1500!

Enjoy the rest of your trip 😀
That's a great price!
Of course, as a package it would get more expensive due to the flights. Always seems a bit strange to me, that the later you book your flight the more expensive it becomes, but hotels go the other way!
We booked ours all separately, so if we ever do a similar trip I will book the flights ASAP and leave the hotels to the last minute.
Before we got here I thought this would probably be my fourth and last trip to Vegas... but now we're here and loving it, I might be tempted to come back again ;)

Hope your visit is as good as ours!

For anyone looking to go to Vegas from Toronto Ontario, you can book for Sept long weekend Sept 1st to Sept 5th through Expedia round trip out of Toronto on Swoop for $342 total including fees and tax flight only and if flying out of Hamilton only a total of $239. This is the weekend I'm looking to go but there are deals for many other dates. It is strange how flight prices seem to go up and down by the minute as when checking last night it was actually $30 cheaper. Guess we're lucky in North America as we seem to have some of the cheapest prices for Vegas.

I have always found great deals booking trips to Vegas booking a package through Expedia. The only problem with not booking a hotel early and not till the last minute is things can change in Vegas overnight so if a big conference or event gets scheduled and happens to be the day of your flight hotel prices can skyrocket. If travelling during their off-season usually there is no problem.
Also check your mgm rewards if you play on betmgm as you may have free play or comp rooms at some mgm properties. :)
I got a strange message from Betmgm Rewards. I notice I wasn't getting any comp room offers so inquired and was told no offers will be offered till Dec 2023 and yet Im gold with my rewards card.

I used comp room offers from my last trip. What I did last time was book a package deal then went to my Caesars rewards and booked comp room a few days later cancelled the hotel on my package deal and the flight end up only costing $197 person round trip total.
So we left Vegas behind a few days ago, and I can report that having stayed 5 nights there, I did not gamble a single cent! 🙃
I was slightly tempted, especially as we walked though casinos several times every day. But it was a family holiday, and doing things together was more important.

My verdict on the 3 shows we went to:
Jabbawockeez: 9/10 Very good fun, but was SLIGHTLY disappointed that only 2 of the 9 performers were brilliant at break dancing.

MK Live: 7/10 The artist was VERY good, but I thought the production could have been better - especially the first 20 minutes, which was quite poor. Too much talking and only sang about 1-2 minutes of the first 5-6 songs.

Blue Man Group: 12/10! Literally the best show I have ever seen in my life 😍
Hilariously funny and VERY talented musicians. I had tears in my eyes at the end cos it was just AWESOME! :thumbsup:


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