Valid reason to open a complaint against Mr Win ?


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I won a large sum of money after the 25th of July, which was the last time they updated their terms regarding maximum winnings.

There was also no prior warning or one of those boxes you must accept to warn the client know that their bonus terms have changed.

I knew for a fact that maximum winnings were 5000GBP, this was before July 25th.

I had a approximately just a bit over 5100gbp before my balance was automatically adjusted to 4500, which is the equivalent of 5000 euros.

They were not able to give me a proper explanation over chat, so I received an email a few hours later.

Stating, (copied from their site)

  1. Maximum winnings from bets made with free spins winnings is £5000, unless otherwise specified. This restriction does not apply to Progressive Jackpot wins.
  2. Maximum winnings while using a cash bonus is £1000. Any winning sum over that amount may be voided at Mr Win discretion.
At this point. Casinomeister will say you must follow their terms. However, how is this not considered a fraud?

A person who receives free spins is allowed to win /withdraw £5000 and the person who makes an actual deposit is only allowed to win and withdraw £1000.

My balance as of today was 4500, and for the past 3 days no one had touched it, but as soon I emailed them for an explanation they had changed my balance to 1000.

I honestly do not accept this in any form.
Should I open a complaint ?
Shall I contact MGA ? Should I use your complaint service ?

What do the members of casinomiester think, any information would help me.



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It's a casino recommended by The Pogg. The rules mentioned above seem very unfair to me and as you said, they did not notify players of any changes. I would certainly try the PAB. If this doesn't work out I'd hire a lawyer. If you made a deposit, thinking you could rely on the rule that max cashout was $5,000 and they changed it without notification, I'd say you have a strong case.


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@Mouche12 thanks for the reply, at this point, I don't think a flight down and a lawyer would be worth it. In the end I would end up with a few dollars most likely.
@bebo67 , they had the gbp sign when I signed up (they still do), and I did not want to currency convert all the time.

I mean imagine your friend receives 10 free spins or 10 free credits, and is able to withdraw 5000, and you deposit 100, get a bonus and only withdraw 1000 - after a crazy amount of wagering.
I'm sure any player would feel bashed and betrayed.

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