This totally blows my mind!!!


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Sep 12, 2008
I haven't posted in quite a while but i thought i should share this.

I used to love Rival casinos but i feel there is something weird about that particular software. I have made it my personal mission not to deposit at any Rival casino at all and only use there free chips that they dish out like candy. It's funny because i have counted the chips i received from a particular Rival casino and it now stands at 32 free chips and you guessed it, not once have i cashed out.

It all started last year when I won around $2300. I was absolutely buzzing and Rival was the best thing since oxygen! A few week after winning this amount I thought I would try my luck, but not really expecting to win, cos after all I'd just won a fair old whack. So as you could imagine I lost that deposit(no biggie!). What was to happen next was totally unexpected. 10 deposit later no cash out, which wasn't a problem so I deposited more and more and more and more. Totaling around 45 deposits of around $25-30 at a time. So bringing my spend up to $1300-1400, with not one cash out in between. I mean i know i won a fair sum to start off with but Jesus Christ WTF not one cash out. Also what was strange is i didn't even come close to meeting WR's and i tryed without bonuses too but no luck their either.

So that's why i don't deposit there anymore. It seemed to me that Rival wouldn't be happy until they had every last penny back.

Oh and one more thing 45 deposits and 32 free chips later and no cash out does that seem a little fooking strange to you??



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Apr 9, 2006
Due to the higher variance on many of Rivals games, I have found the small deposits like you have made go nowhere fast. I have also found their slots highly volatile and difficult to read.

MG and Playtech you can get a feel for the games, how much to stake and what games to play according to your bankroll. Everyone has their own playing style but I think I would prefer to make slightly bigger deposits less frequently, when tackling their slots.



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Feb 8, 2008
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Take these things into consideration:

~ Your deposits are pretty small. What amount do you deem cashoutable? How often did you hit your target but did not cash out?

~ What is your bet size? If it only lasts 500 spins, it's a super small sample size.

~ What games were you playing? Most rival games are SUPER HIGH variance. They ask for trouble.

Sorry to tell you this, but your story isn't unheard of, and has been experienced by many members here - and we hear this from all software brands...

The best thing I can suggest to you is to find a consistant gameplay style and a specific bet size which is proportionate to your deposit amount to maximize your chances of winning. :thumbsup:


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Aug 25, 2004
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What CasinoKid said.

Saying 45 deposits no cash outs doesn't mean anything unless we know your betting pattern, cash-out targets, games played and bet sizes.
I mean, if you always carry on playing until you bust out - you will always bust out...