WARNING The Red Lion Casino is confiscating player balances

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Jan 20, 2004
Since late last year we've received a number of serious complaints -- and had a long-running forum thread -- regarding problems players are having at The Red Lion Casino (thredlioncasino.com). The general pattern seems to be that once players win something and try to withdraw the casino suddenly has a variety of reasons why payments are not being made: "currency issues", "wrong withdrawal method", "need to withdraw smaller amounts", etc etc.

When players get frustrated and start questioning the casino's excuses then the promises start: "wait a few more days", "we'll get back to you next week", "check is in the mail" (ok, not really, but that's pretty much the size of it), and so forth. Bottom line: no money received.

When players have finally had enough and start fighting back a little the casino suddenly closes their account, ignores any attempts to communicate, and basically goes off the air. They still have all the player's money but the conversation is apparently over.

A number of players have come to us with these issues but the casino never responds: more dead air.

WARNING: As has been stated in our review of The Red Lion Casino:
... Do Not Play At Red Lion Casino. They are running fake and/or pirated casino games and do NOT hold a valid online gambling license, meaning they’re operating illegally.
Players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino because they aren't paying players. At least if you set fire to your money and take pictures for Instagram you'll have something great to show your friends**.

** please don't burn your money, try one of our recommended charities instead.

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FTR, the bad news about RedLion has not abated: still getting non-payment complaints and still getting absolutely no response of any kind from the casino. These RedLion guys are obviously operating deep within rogue territory and players are STILL advised to go elsewhere for their casino entertainment.

Seems it's the same-old-same-o with these guys: still getting non-payment complaints both on the forums and via the PABs.

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