CLosed Account


Dormant account
Mar 6, 2008
Open account with them before 4 months and and i play only
>poker-every month i cashout between 50 -100 Euro without a problem via
>But this month i win 10E from the poker ,after this played regulary cash
>games make it 20E and transfer it on the sportsbook.
>After this i place a bet o on HNL Hockey 20E and win 96,10E.
>I deposit 5Euro Via MoneyBookers and request payout via MoneyBookers and
>they reject,because i m suspicious in chip dumping from OnGame Network(The
>Poker software provider)-its not true of course because they provide only 1 hand where my opponent is bluffing with small chance to win the pot and i have a good hand 2 pairs -normally i call and win a hand -its part of poker ...but...
>They also close my account and confiscate all my winnings.
>I asked them to withdraw my money 100E(80% are from sportsbetting) but they
>said ''you play very risky at poker client and when OnGameNetowrk open your
>poker account,then we will open your sportsbetting account and will withdraw
>your money''
>Ok.regarding their rules:
>>> In cases of suspicion of manipulation or fraud and in cases of violations
>of these Terms and Conditions / Betting Regulations, Stryyke may exclude the
>betting customer concerned from the conclusion of further bets. This
>exclusion shall be carried out by freezing the account. In such cases,
>Stryyke shall pay out to the excluded customer any existing credit balance
>on his/her betting account - withholding a handling fee of 2% -, if this
>credit balance was obtained legally.
>Now i contact LotteryAnd Gambling Association-LGA-MALTA but i 1Month
>dont have contact from them.
>I also cant make a contact to OnGame Network because they wont to reply to my mails
>Can you help me?


Complaints (PAB) Manager
Staff member
Jan 20, 2004
Your PAB was submitted to them on the 9th. There has been no response yet but that's to be expected. I usually allow several days for them to get back to me on new issues.

Since you've filed a PAB, and we generally keep the ongoing details of those off the boards, I will contact you directly if and when there's anything to report/discuss/etc.


Dormant account
Sep 21, 2008

Kolega nqma da se plashish az gi 4kaam ve4e 24 dena da mi pratqt parite :)
I wait him 24 days to get my money back.