GG Poker - Short notice - 2 decades Texas Hold 'em poker player (IRL and Online)


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Apr 25, 2021
I started with Texas NL 17 years ago IRL and online, most of poker play time i was spending in tournaments IRL or online, even my biggest wins are in cash games live face to face. Last 7-8 months I started playing Texas NL Poker, again - after 3 years hiatus, and i am playing it only on one website.

Back in time: Most of my online poker playing time i was on on Pokerstars dot com, until year 2019-2020 - when they closed deposit/withdraw for bunch of countries around globe.... so from 2020 until start of this year - 2023 i did not play any Texas NL - IRL or online. I opened account on GGPoker (Daniel Negreanu promoting it and bunch of other famous Texas NL poker players).

In this 6-7 monts i am playing there, i noticed the worst online poker software math science- beyond real math probarbility science...(back in years before i was playing on every major poker site online: I can mention Pokerstars, Fulltilit, 24hpoker, 888poker, America Cardroom, BetWin, Bet365, Tony poker and at least 4-5 more websites at least - i do not remeber the names of all those poker sites in this moment, i know i had like at least 10+ online accounts on online poker websites).

In this 6-7 months on GG poker - i got 4 of kinds with 7/2 as worst poker hand and i loose to same hand - retarded number of times... i lose/win pocket 11/KK/QQ against pocket KK/QQ/JJ in situation where they would hit 4 of kind or i would hit 4 off kind with pocket 10/10 lower or whatever... retarded number of sitations where i would win or loose - i do not want to even mention number of straight flashes or royal flash situations... and i can go on all night and day, with specific situations. MATH on GG Poker software outcomes - simply it is impossible outcomes in real life situations:

- Simple math Probability and Combinatorics 1/5 is ok, but is it 5/5 ok?

Before you start gambling addiction talks and shits - i have been playing TEXAS NL poker almost 2 decades IRL and online, i know poker math 90% and i also studied math and physics and economy on next level in my education after highschool, and that lead to this fact:
- i can see diffrence betweeen software driven fair/conman dealer, conman casino dealer or fair casino dealer.
(Read Dostoevsky books and you will learn something more beyond your school/university education).

My point is, if u do not intend just to have some really 10-20-30 USD cheap fun - avoid GG Poker with serious MONEY!
During my TEXAS NL Holdem years online last point on my view is that Pokerstars dot com has/had (can't play there past 3 years) most fair dealer software...

BTW, I prefer IRL face to face action. If you come to my city lets do some friendly Texas NL action! :)

Lets repeat:

- Simple math/life Probability/Combinatorics say: 1/5 is ok, but is it 5/5 ok?

(Probability and Combinations is a specialized branch of mathematics that studies the enumeration, combinatorics, and permutations of sets of elements and the mathematical relationships that characterize their properties)
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