RTG/MG/Playtech casinos with a fair game of BJ?


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Mar 10, 2005
Do these exist, or am I treading water here?

I know they all go in streaks; but some are still better than others. Looking for those that fall into that category. Any suggestions? :confused:

PS: Not looking for live games. Dealers in most of those want to talk to their co-workers more than do their job - deal the cards. I think they're trained that way to (try and) get you off your game.


Ones I've played at:

King solomons - rough, but fair game
Grand Aces - losing streaks are too many and for too long.

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ahhhh......the age old question.

Incidentally, these are the only 3 software providers that I play.

At one time or another, I have sworn up and down that all 3 were unfair. Of course, this was when I was losing :) But hey, thats gambling. Im pretty sure that all 3 of the above mentioned wouldn't risk rigging their games. Its just not worth it.

That being said, Playtech BJ always seems a little harder to beat. Of course I could have just been having bad days.

My suggestion? Don't stress about the games fairness....(they are)
Just have fun!

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