New Slot Announcement New 3Dice Slot - 'LEGION' (It's a bit Book Of Dead-ish)


This welcome bonus used to be one of the best ones in the bizz, purely due to no max cashout and game restrictions..
I'd say it's still one of the better ones out there, seeing all the perks you get for a first deposit here :)

The 24 hourly VIP trny's, extra trny's, entry into the Loyalty program (which on average will get you at least 2 matchups per month, which have a very low wr (about 5 to 10x wr), VIP loyalty trny with bigger prizes, and depending on level, also NDB's. The loyalty is awarded 3x per month.

And that's all basic. There's more but that is for you to find out ^.^
Judging by your vid's you like to play a lot, and some of the places you play aren't exactly stellar in their offering. 3Dice is though! I bet if you've played there for a while, you'll knock yourself over the head asking why you didn't try sooner :D

You ofc. don't have to take the match-up - you can even try everything for free right on sign up, and unlock some free 'real monies' to play with by testing their achievement system...

Could well be i just sent 200 new-gen old-school advantage players in 3Dice direction, with my blatant shilling, but hey! :D
Jokes aside, it really is one of the best Casino's on the market, and pretty much has been for over a decade...
I hate doing wagering on my own money, thats not 30x wagering that is 60x wagering >>>> 30x on bonus money and 30x on you cash money, I get better bonus offers only wager on bonus money not in cash money

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