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Oct 21, 2018
Hi guys, new member here. Really interesting forum and glad to have joined.

Topic that has been on my mind for a long time is multi hand blackjack via the Playtech software. This with one of the big high street bookies online. Unfortunately I’m enormously down on this over the years, almost certainly by playing too much via my own naivity however the one thing that has kept me playing more than anything else is the notion of RGM and that all outcomes and cards are random and not working back to predetermined win/lose function. Therefore if I was winning, the chances of further wins and the cards I hit, split, double down etc are all random and are all independant of each other.

A key point I came across last week however was “random outcome however the cards are just for display.” It just slipped out of someone’s mouth and I’ve never heard it before but I makes a LOT of sense. The amount of times I’ve won a few “lucky” hands then magically been presented with an 11, 10 and 11 against a 6 which means you have to double on each, hit duff cards on all 3 then been worse off than before my wins. Or having cards such as 14, 15, 15 against a king, somehow getting to 21 on all three hands then been done by an ace. Then next hand you double stake in anger and dealer has and Ace. Then again the next hand. Or the dealer having a ten face card 14 hands in a row etc. We’ve all been there. But for the life of me I couldn’t work out why as it defies mathematics.

Now I believe I have. With a random outcome not random cards, the is basically playing like a slot. Big deal you might say, but it makes an enormous impact on how you are playing, whether you keep playing and whether you bother doubling, splitting on certain hands. For example if I’ve won a number of hands, I know it’s coming. I get the 10,10,11 vs 6 scenario. Double down on all and with painstaking predictability the 21 comes out. To double down on a card with physically no chance of winning as it’s been predetermined before you hit is surely cheating.

They are audited you might say. Well yes they are, they check for % payout which will be fine over a million hands and they will also check for dealer hand results number wise over a million hands which again will obviously look fine. What they aren’t checking is randomness, and what the dealer has compared to player. This is absolutely key as it’s irrelevant if the player has X amount of 19 hands if the dealer gets 20’s on those hands, and the same for dealer busted hands vs player busted hands. Just because the payout % looks fine over a million hands, how it’s getting there clearly is not.

A very common, painfully, soul destroyingly common occurrence would be being 100% up on your pot, the head scratching moment when you then lose 101% in successive hands via the most outrageous combinations ever is not fluke or bad luck it is the program getting back to its payout % like a slot would via any means necessary and literally nothing you can do, split double stand hit will make any difference whatsoever to your outcome due to “cards for display.” Therefore it is literally impossible to win over a large number of hands and this by definition IMO is cheating.

Yes In live casino games the more you play the more you are likely to lose, however with an “RGM” like Playtechs you are 100% guaranteed to lose over a period, as the program will ensure that happens.

I have tried complaining on this multiple times, specifically on the notion the game is not random and player decision has no bearing on result however you just get the script on auditing back, or better yet account suspended due to a gambling problem. Thus nobody actually looks into it.

Very interested to hear thoughts and sorry for long post!


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Feb 1, 2020
I am surprised that there were no commentators on this thread. Very valid points raised that many people have experienced first hand.

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