KING SOLOMONS Great Customer Service But Can't Win



King Solomon's does not need the spam. Even though they are one of the few casinos where I have a losing record, their customer service has been so good that I am not even mad at them. That may change if I lose there one more time.


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Jul 25, 2001
here's a little data:
I played many casinos since I've started one year ago but there are three I've been playing for almost the whole year. the one you should stay away from is Palace Casino / Grand Online Casino - both sisters of Golden palace. the two left which I recommend are Lucky Nugget & King Solomons. Lucky Nugget has its little lack because of PCS but I was very impresed lately for King Solomons' support department: although they sent me a check by mistake instead of wiring, when the check was late (lost in the mail?) they broke their law of canceling the check before wiring again just to hurry the payment and even pay themselves the $30 fee for wiring!

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