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Jul 1, 2023
Anyone else tired of the delay with their escalation team?

Anytime I have an issue (in this instance freespin escalation) it takes ages.

Playing from Ontario there's a couple games where if freespins are won from their Encore system, for months it gives me an error when trying to use them, so I have to contact support.

It doesn't matter if it's 5 spins for 100 it always takes days to resolve as their Frontline support staff cannot issue freespins like Videoslots staff used to be able to.

I'm now on day 8 waiting for 50 freespins to be replaced. Upon speaking to support today, I was told it's because I request them to replace spins so frequently that this delay is happening. And they're looking at why this is happening.

I'm sorry but this has been an issue for months now, if it hasn't been addressed yet it isn't going to happen.

Additionally from a customer service standpoint, why not issue the spins and conduct an investigation at the same time?

Time to start shopping around for a new site with a better support team I suppose.

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