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Sep 6, 2021
Seattle, WA
So I'm aware this is probably in the wrong spot but I'm not sure exactly how to reach out to get something answered in a relatively quick fashion so whatever happens here I will learn from it and proceed following those directions. My question is pertaining to the lightning option on cash app and specifically an answer from someone that plays within the Spinfinity/Roaring 21 family and if you know if their banking department is set up and have an address that's compatible to accept Bitcoin deposits through the Lightning platform.... for some reason it rings a bell to me but I'm not sure if I'm dreaming that or not I'm kind of hoping that it is truth because of what is going on with the cost of mining fees right now. I've also already reached out to support on a few of the different sister apps within or under the umbrella of the same management and apparently the banking department or whatever is gone for the holiday so they can't give an answer which is completely wild to me seeming that this would probably some of the busier weeks and most likely most profitable. Although I'm fairly sure it's completely up to them on how much they decide that they want to take in each day each hour but we won't go there anyway I'm just looking for some guidance or knowledge about this. Thank you and happy holidays...

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