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Thank you. 🥰 My assistant, @GourdFollower , and I work on those pretty much every day so it's great to see people are finding and getting use out of the PAB summaries. And yes, without being glib about it we do try and bring a little humour to the proceedings every now and again. ;)

- Max
For anyone wondering where the summaries are found:

You're right, it has been mentioned before but clearly we didn't get around to doing anything about it. Thanks for the heads-up on that, reporting it to the tech guys now.

- Max
Looks better now:


Thank you Rob. :cheerleader:
It's kind of interesting to see what's happened - and occasionally find one that makes you laugh! A lot of work though, thanks to whoever gets this page sorted!

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@maxd It's fairly obvious, isn't it Max? He wanted you to loosen the slots for him. Couldn't you do that simple thing??? :eek2:

its almost March and im still waiting for that yearly skype moment by Max: " Jan, I have a complaint! What is your email address again please "
"most weird", that's a tough one. I'd have to say "most weird what?"

"most weird person" : a guy that we worked on a difficult PAB for didn't like our decision -- we ruled against him -- and for the next six months or so he'd send Bryan and I a ranting, unhinged email every Monday morning full of gay sex imaginings and threats of violence against our mothers. WTF? :rolleyes:

"most weird experience" : several years ago I fought like crazy against a well-respected casino that a particular player should be paid the $15,000 they'd won. The casino believed -- rightly so it turned out -- there was some good evidence that the person was actually just a puppet for an advantage player who was running several different identities. They did pay the player at my insistence. I never heard a peep from the player after that, not even a thank you for payment received, and it was only some months later that I realized the mistake I'd made. Fortunately the casino guys forgave me -- more or less ;) -- and we've been good friends since.

"most weird casino" : our recent experience with WinBigSlots is definitely a candidate, see Worst Casino of 2022 for more details.

(this is gonna digress a bit, took a detour into "Nostalgia Land" I guess.)

"most weird forum member" : years ago, well before I joined Casinomeister, I was working for an early start-up in the online casino scene called WinnerOnline. After a couple years of banging out "how to" articles for the site we had the bright idea of starting a forum. This was 2000-2001 and there was precious few opportunities for players to gather and chat online then so our forums quickly became popular and a major part of my workload. Not knowing any better -- trolls were not a thing yet in those early days, as far as we knew -- we "managed" the forums by letting everyone say what they wanted, however they wanted and we'd let the chips fall where they may. Shortly after we started a guy joined the forums under the handle "Hitmob": he was foul-mouthed, insulting, abusive, terribly sexist, racist and homophobic but he could also be funny as hell and even charming on a good day. For the next 3 years or so he made my job a misery until we finally decided to start cleaning things up, including banning Hitmob. He came and went a few times over the next year or so -- usually under new accounts -- but the bottom line was that our forums tanked and within a year or so they ceased to be the force in the industry that they once had been. A couple years after that I was looking for a job and joined Bryan at Casinomeister.

"most weird educational moment" : this relates to the forums again, pretty sure it was the dying days of WinnerOnline. The forums had become nasty and vicious, totally inhospitable to new members which we desperately needed. Needless to say it was my job to make the "new and improved" thing work so as part of that I figured I needed to deal with our critics, some of whom were very vocal and very uncomplimentary. One thing led to another and I finally found out that these folks were chatting amongst themselves on another forum -- more or less coordinating their attacks on us -- and then coming to ours to burn the house down. I managed to get accepted to that other forum (under a different name of course) and then used what I learned there to try dealing with what I saw as their corrosive effect on our forums. At some point one of the veteran bystanders to all of this, pretty sure it was GambleGirl, sent me a message telling me that my spying on that other forum was "having a deleterious effect" on my ability to manage the forums responsibly. After my initial ranting and raving I realized I had no idea what "
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" meant and went to look it up. She was totally right, it was, and shortly thereafter I stopped using the other forums as a crutch for doing my real job which was trying to improve things on our forums not change people's ideas of who their friends should be. Also learned what "deleterious" meant and have been quite fond of the word ever since.

Well, I reckon that's enough of that. :D

- Max
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