Inchilli casino - dont pay affiliates - do the pay at least players?


Dormant account
Nov 19, 2004
hi everyone
i just wanted to post here my bad experiencewith inchilli
if they opened we promoted them a bit
and we had then earnings
i fight now since weeks to get cleared why i did not recieve all my earnings for november and nothing for december
and the funny thing is that i see in my affiliate account
the status
payment SENT
oh man
its very hard to get a managers e-mail addy or anything
if you go to the live chat in the casino lobby
the operator states always the same
we will contact you via e-mail
forget it
even if you get an e-mails
nothing will happen again.
well, if they are not paying their affiliates
i just wonder if they pay then winnings of players?
has anyone experience?
if its allowed i will post here then my e-mail conversation
let me know please.

take care everyone
and have a good day
well today i recieved that e-mail

Dear Marina,

Thank you for contacting us.

We deeply apologise for the delay in payment. I have brought this matter up to
the management and the acounts will send out the payment to you within next

We hope that you will continue to support Inchilli Casino.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


Support @ Inchilli

the fooling me long time now with such e-mails
on 22 January...

Dear Marina,

The accounts department has been informed of the difference in the November payment. They will be checking the records with the affiliates department and will be crediting you with the difference and the payment for December as soon as possible. We sincerely apologise for the delay and inconvenience caused.


Inchilli Support

January25 then...
and note the signed it with support@hypegaming...the 2 casinos share the support team..!?! (this stated the aff manager of hype)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting us.

Regarding the November payment, you will get it in 2-3 working days. As of
December payment, we will also transfer it to you as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.



then on Feb1st....

Dear Customer,

The email that you requested in the chat is

Should you require further assistance or information, please reply to this message or chat live with us during our business hours.


Support @ Inchilli

i e-mailed then to that addy
and got that reply and never heard anything again of that guy...


I will have a look into this with the Accounts department, I find this strange not to be resolved. I recall
at least three distinct occasions where I have instructed this to be settled.

Apologies for the inconvenience and delay, I really thank you for your patience in this matter. Though
this has gone on really for far too long, and I will see what the hold up has been and get back to
you hopefully with news its been paid.

Kind Regards,

John Cisco
Operations Manager

well lets see how long this will go on :eek2:
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that end of the chat session fits perfect to them hm?
thanks for your input here
i will keep you all updated
who knows
maybe i will finally recieve the money
I'm seeing various comments surface about Inchilli over the past couple of months. Only a hunch, but I think something's going down there myself. It would be nice to see an Inchilli rep on this board to pass on some info.
well 1 week is over again
note in last e-mail they stated
i will get paid within next week
nothing yet
yesterday i had again a little e-mail conversation with the support
(noone else replys - no manager - no account department)
and this is the last e-mail

Dear Marina,

Thank you for contacting us.

I apologize for the miscommunication. We had filed a report to our finance
department regarding the delay of your payment. We will get our finance
department to process the payment as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.



Any Players waitng on winnings either???
really wonder whats up with that casino
would not be surprised if they just not here anymore
if i go 1 day to their site
Ive been waiting on inchilli to pay for 3 months

Inchilli has owed me $100.00 for 3 months. I have been given the run around every possible way. First they said they had the wrong address, then they sent me a "virtua cash card" that supposedly had my winnings on it. When i logged in to check the balance it had a $0.00 balance. Then they said they had the wrong address again. When I asked how they sent the card to the correct address they quickly changed and said they would direct deposit in my bank account. when I gave them the particulars for my bank account, now I have heard nothing. They are a scam as far as I am concerned.
only taking this for an example:
i am a bit tired of reading those complaints of players , who played at vrooks and were betrayed.
Why and how can it be that online gambling is banned in some countries, whose "leaders" do not even knoe the difference between shark and 32red????
why and how can it be that thousands of folks tr their luck at crooks , later finde this place and start their complaints???
it s so sad.
and just how would you suggest we know they are crooks Mr. all knowing who obviously thinks he is smarter than us?

Just read up on the complaints section, and you'll see.

And how can you even say that Inchili aren't crooks? Have you even read this thread from the beginning?
can you see in my post

Yes I have read the thread from the beginning, and can you read in my complaint that this has been going on for almost 4 months, my original cash out request was in November, so I dont see what in this thread would help me with that
and besides...

I never said they werent crooks....I just asked how we would know that they were. Obviously since ive been waiting 4 months for my withdrawal, i know they are crooks now:mad:
i cannot agree with your comment here
spfinne is right
when this Casino was new
noone knew that they would not pay
many promoted them
and many players tried them
there have always to be people who get burned
then only others can be warned
i for myslef gave up
i am tired of their e-mails, telling me laways the same.
i do not expect to see 1 cent from them anymore
i did warn all my members on my forum
and everyone else which i know
would hate to see more people getting ripped off from inchilli.

I never said they werent crooks....I just asked how we would know that they were. Obviously since ive been waiting 4 months for my withdrawal, i know they are crooks now:mad:

It's not easy telling the crooks apart from the serially incompetent.

For example, Jackpot Factory are not crooks, but if I looked at the many instances of incompetence on my account I could interpret them as the actions of a casino plucking bogus excuses out of thin air for non-payment caused by the sheer ineptidude of their financial processors.

The likes of Crystal Palace often hide behind bogus excuses for non-payment (we pretty much know these are crooks now). Other brands have deliberately lied to players about delays being the cause of non-payment, while in the background have already decided they are not going to pay because they SUSPECT the players involved are crooks - but are wanting to hide the fact that they "know" about the supposed scam while they try to identify the other players who might be involved.

Unfortunately, when a casino has genuine problems beyond their control, they find many players simply don't believe them and consider possibilities ranging from the casino being insolvent, to just being crooks. We have even seen once reputable brands fall by the wayside, so even that is not an absolute guarantee that monies are 100% safe.
I tried the in-casino chat...

Notice the 'very convenient' end... :mad:

LOL. "Internet connection error" when you asked 'em too many questions.

Nice rogue tactics. Or incompetence. Probably both.

I am laying 3 to 1 that even the rats have abandoned this ship already. :D
Yep, they're in NY right now:

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Nice to see my 'kinfolks' aren't going hungry. :D

P.S. ... Winbig, I love the cat avatar.

And the Weird Al 'white and nerdy'...


I hope Inchilli comes through and pays both affiliates and players, but I'm beginning to have my doubts.
Inchilli paid us now!!!!!!!!!!!
has thsi to do with you Casinomeister? :notworthy
what a suprise i had today!
they paid i cant believe it! :notworthy
has this to do with you Casinomeister? :notworthy

A few days after I 'Pitched a Bitch' inChilli broke their 3-month silence - a coincidence...?
Still waiting for my payment, but only gave them my bank-wire details a few days ago & at least they're communicating with me now!

I suspect this is all down to Bryan!
He's not called The Meister for nothing! :notworthy :cheers: :thumbsup:

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