I got Scammed *Read*


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Nov 15, 2019

No updates yet so farr. I joined there live chat onces a day for any update's. Everytime i hear the same thing. That my complaint is with the team. And that i must have patience. It can take +- 30 day's before they will handle my case they said.

@Oscar Arnhem

I also asked for old chat log's 2 day's ago. And also that was sent to the right department. But i dind't recieved the old chat log's. So i don't know what they are doing but its really frustrating.


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May 22, 2012
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I would submit a complaint here. You should never have been awarded that bonus, but since you were, it is completely unfair for the casino to withhold your winnings.

I remember a case a couple of years back when an accredited casino gave a very large bonus in error to a player, and the PAB resulted in only the bonus amount being confiscated, not the entire withdrawal.

Can't seem to find the thread, but it was a 1000 pound or euro bonus at 32Red, back in 2016 I believe, as I could find a thread I referenced it, but no link.

At the top of the Forum, you will see a tab, "Submit Complaint". Read all the instructions and submit a PAB. One of the requirements to PAB is to NOT discuss it on the forum while the complaint is ongoing.
You mean this one?
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