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Hey everyone, first of all sorry for my english, but i will try my best!
im new into casino as well, but now i just love it! i opned a acount yester day at betsafe.com and got 10 free spins with opning, i won 4 Euro and i tryed another slot machine with .40cent euro and suddenly the slot got crazy, and i won 200 euro right after 300 euro and after 5min another 300euro, so total 800 euro!:eek: after i played the bonus terms i cashed out 700euro :). i just hope they will pay me :p they sayd i must send ID and some papers and i did today. wish u guys all the best luck :D


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Hi Meryzam,

Welcome to the forum. Hopefully everything pans out well for you.

Cheers! :thumbsup: