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Mar 30, 2022

So, I lurked the forum for a few months since I started messing around with slots just generally trying to get a sense of what I should and shouldn't be doing. Like many others I suspect I was sucked in with free spin offers and stayed after a couple of (what I thought were!) decent wins thinking hey, this is fun and sometimes I win a bit of money, excellent!

What brought me specifically to the forum was I noticed a few of the different games I played had different RTP figures, I didn't know really what this meant early on but logic dictated the higher the number the better, so I sought an understanding of what it meant and ended up here!

Whilst I feel like I've learnt a lot on the whole, I have to say I'm feeling so disillusioned and annoyed with slots as of late, which is largely down to just learning more about how they work, what's good and what's not, but specifically learning about the unpleasantly and ineffective involvement of the UKGC, the shady lowering of rtps on different providers and honestly just a poor spell of fortunes for the last month or so.

I realized this is affecting me negatively when I started to think silly thoughts and genuinely experience paranoia with regards to the casinos themselves. I.e they've turned the taps off, I'm being prevented from winning on purpose, etc. I know this is nonsense but it sure can feel like it. (though betfairs free daily pinball I swear is straight criminal. I'm at 97 days without anything from it, so that can get stuffed)

I suppose what I'm asking is, is this down to kind of how I play? I like to spin a lot, so I play 20p stakes generally. Sometimes I'll have a cheeky blast on 50p spins for a while but herein lies my issue, I generally deposit just a tenner at a time on 20p stakes and will continue to do so until I hit a nice bonus, withdraw, leave ten in rinse and repeat till the last won tenner vanished or, if I hit nothing, just before I reach losses I'm uncomfortable with. Problem is, I'm hitting the latter the vast vast majority of the time these days, yet this is off the back of being way more careful with what slots and providers I choose compared to when I first started playing. It's super frustrating seeing a fresh tenner die in 1-2mins, which has happened countless times with just straight dead spins.

Perhaps it's the type of games I play? I'm a sucker for ELK games, gold series specifically, I love how they play and look but seem to wreck the balance quicker than most. I might make 6-10 deposits of £10 and try a different one each time I deposit and end up with it all down the toilet in no time. It's not even like I'm angry at not winning, I just hope that I get some half decent playtime at this point. This has all felt substantially worse since I got a really sick £650 win from a 60p spin a month ago, but again I'm quite aware this is almost certainly in my mind.

That said I dabble in all sorts, DOA2, various pragmatics like buffalo king megaways, esqueleto explosivo 2, a bunch of different link and win variants, reactoonz, vikings go x series, nothing holds me tenderly and lovingly anymore.

After writing all this I don't suppose I really know what I'm asking, I reckon it's just a cathartic moan, however if anyone has any tips for a player like me I'd be all ears! In short, I'd like to just figure out how to play slots without having to hunt for rtps constantly logging into different providers to find one who isn't shafting the rtp settings, and be able to play a respectable amount of time and maybe get the odd decent withdraw. Lower volatility perhaps? What games would be suitable in that case?

Thanks to all you good folk who bestow the knowledge on us here. Much appreciated!

Damn, I didn't realise what a wall of text that was.

Yeah fair man, can't argue with that. Could see a benefit to at least taking regular breaks when it's feeling less fun.

R.e piss poor choice for balance boost, what would suit better you reckon?

Appreciate the feedback, thanks!
"though betfairs free daily pinball I swear is straight criminal. I'm at 97 days without anything from it, so that can get stuffed"

Startin to wonder if that thing is player focused. I'm pretty sure Dave1888 is a reg at betfair (he recently won the £500 on it, the git), im a reg at betfair though dont spend loads there. I win most days of the week on it, the pinball. 97 days though? Don't mean to rub the salt in but, lol!

Regarding slots, it's not just the rtp you've got to look out for. There's been an increase in higher variance/volatile games over the past few years. Balances tend to get erased fairly quickly on such games since the rewards can be very good if they decide to pay a visit (For an written example of a few poundings, read the NoLimitCity thread here, most of their games are very high volatile)
Stumble onto a high volatile game with a lowered rtp and yeah you may as well spread your cheeks in advance ;)
Yeah it's just not given anything forever now, I did stop playing there for a while so thought that could be something to do with it, have chucked a bit into betfair since and still nada but ah well, one day maybe!

Good to know about the volatility, I'll try some lower ones and see if that's more my speed, thanks!

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