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Apr 6, 2024

I'm not exactly a new member but I have changed my e mail twice since I used this forum and I don't have access to that e mail to my other account, I haven't used that e mail since 2018, I don't know what my forum name was but I used to post wins from a Youtube channel called either Anna Slots or Anna Slot Wins, I also deleted that channel back in 2018 and can't remember the name but it was one of the two I posted.

I just took a little break from gambling which turned into a longer break, I used gamstop for a year because I wanted a break, But I actually only started gambling last week, I was actually surprised to see I was still on the gamstop list with only signing up for a year, Even when your time is up they keep you on the list for another 7 years and you have to contact them to be removed, I thought you would been removed automatically, Anyway I had to contact them via phone and get myself removed.

I also lied to people here, Back in 2018 I said I was taking a break to save up for a plastic surgery, It was actually because I had severe depression and I was gambling more than I should, But I'm coming out of that depression and I trying to get back my life back together, When I had my depression I didn't want to speak to anyone and I didn't visit any forums.

I might start a new youtube channel just so I can post my wins here, Because I did like sharing my wins and looking at other peoples wins, It gives you a little hope that you could achieve the same wins, anyway I'm back is all I wanted to say.

Welcome -- or rather "Welcome Back" -- to Casinomeister. A lot of changes here in the last 6 years so do give yourself a little time to settle back in. I gently recommend a quick re-read of the Forum Rules since those too have evolved over the years. As ever, if we can be of any assistance please don't hesitate to ask.

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