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Feb 27, 2024
saying a quick “hello” to all those out there. I’m a pretty active gambler whether it be sports, slots, cards or random feelings of being correct - Buster Douglas made me a hundo not long ago when the debate about who had knocked out Tyson popped up…. Also lost a Borden (Canadian here) not too long ago when I was steadfast in the belief the lead singer of the Wallflowers was the son of the “Boss” (Springsteen).

I’m of the belief the worst thing a gambler - especially a new one - can do is win. I’ve won and lost what I’d consider to be a small fortune in 24hrs a few times and will always remember the bad beats more so than the big hits - just my nature… Jameer Nelson and his half court buzzer beater just before half time to kill what at the time was my largest ever sports wager, can kick rocks right off a cliff.

I’m joining and posting to share in the knowledge of those who’ve been around the block a while and hopefully gain some perspective as to how online casinos operate and hopefully avoid the impending pitfalls I will inevitably stumble into. I’m an action junkie with raging ADHD that typically is not able to relax until it’s all gone.

Ill apologize in advance for future moments unrealized and in kind send my early gratitude to all for providing a place to congregate.
Welcome to Casinomeister. Buster Douglas, I remember hearing the result, all of us at school were seriously shocked. Still by far the biggest boxing upset IMO. What was he, something like a 42/1 bet to win? Ridiculously high odds in what was and is a two horse event. But then, the aura of Mike Tyson was such, that he was unbeatable, hence the moniker of 'Baddest Man on the Planet.'
Welcome to Casinomeister 👋 And don’t completely agree: winning is not the worst thing that can happen to a beginner. But the blind pursuit of winnings - yes

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